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Note about sales: If someone expresses an interest in buying a painting displayed in the Members Online Show, PWS will contact the artist who will be given the prospective buyer’s contact information.  It will be up to the individual artist to pursue and finalize the prospective sale.   PWS will charge no commission if a sale is made.  If a sale is made, PWS must be notified so the painting can be marked as sold on the website.

Award Winners

First Name Last Name Score Value Title
Z Feng First Prize Snowy Creek
Kathleen Giles Second Prize A Certain Something
Dennis Albetski Third Prize Refining
Pam Wenger Fourth Prize Morning Routine
Miriam Pearson Fifth Prize Shutter and Sheets
Christine Alfery Honorable Mention The Ripples We Make
Teresa Cromwell Honorable Mention Zebra
Jean Gill Honorable Mention Autumn Flow
Albina Herron Honorable Mention Albutilon Bellevue
Suzanne Hetzel Honorable Mention Abstract With Flora
Lela King Honorable Mention Jesse's World
John Morrow Honorable Mention Formal Sitting
Candace Naumowicz Honorable Mention Spirit Swan
Patrick Varriano Honorable Mention Driftwood
Shi Shian WU Honorable Mention Opera Avenue

Juror's Statement

Judging an art show is always a challenge. There should be a certain amount of fairness in judging all styles even if the judge tends to be drawn to a certain one. This particular exhibit displayed a wide variety of styles from the abstract to the finely detailed, and even some that successfully combined both styles. What I sought first in the paintings was good design… a basic knowledge of placement and movement. Subject matter, color, emotion, and creativity are all the other elements that I feel are necessary to stand out in a competition with other artists.

I immediately thought Z. Feng’s painting “Snowy Creek” was exceptional in that it combined abstract with realism in a magical loose style with an acute awareness of design. I could emotionally experience the moment, cold and silent. Kathleen Giles’ portrait “A Certain Something” relayed drama, emotion and contrast. Dennis Albetski’s painting “Refining” was a effective representation of the darker colors contributing to the subject of the painting.

Basically all of the paintings that I selected for awards exhibited qualities that made me want to look further into their process of painting.

With that said, you are all worthy painters possessing the enthusiasm to create. Thank you for the opportunity to see your creations.

Denny Bond


An internationally recognized watercolorist living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Denny Bond graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Communications. Bond utilizes his design background to combine elements in creating representational paintings that emphasize timeless quality, sometimes real, sometimes imagined. Currently exhibiting in galleries and museums throughout the world, Bond’s paintings are based within a contemporary culture, but fused by historical interplay.

Bond’s paintings have been featured in Watercolor Artist June 2020, The Art of Watercolour December 2020, The Best of Watercolor 2020, Splash 2020, The Art of Watercolour 2017, Splash 17, Watercolor Artist, February 2016, Watercolor Artist, February 2015, Artists Magazine, January 2014, Watercolor Artist, February 2013, The Art of Watercolour, March 2012, Watercolor Artist, October 2011, Watercolor Artist, February 2008, and American Artist,  June 2007.


Kutztown University, Bachelor of Fine Art, 1974

Signature Membership

  • National Watercolor Society
  • American Watercolor Society
  • Philadelphia Watercolor Society
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, sgg
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society
  • Watercolor USA
  • Transparent Watercolor Society of America
  • Missouri Watercolor Society

To contact Denny or see his work:

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