Our 40th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society


 Online Members Show

PWS 2019 Online Members’ Show


Entry Period was January 17 - February 15

CLICK HERE TO VIEW the SHOW and the Award Winners!

Your dues must be paid for 2019 in order to enter!



For any questions about the Member Show email: pwsmembershow@gmail.com


Our Juror of Awards for the 2019 Online Member’s Show is Yachiyo Beck!!

Each member may submit two paintings, which have not been in any PWS show before, (including juried and member shows).  There will be a registration form on the website and the cost is $5./entry.  Dues must be current and you can check your status on the website member list.  Digital images should be the same as for the juried show entries:  1-3 mb. with no mat or frame in the image, taken straight on in front of the painting at 90 degrees.    Mark your calendar and get your digital images ready for this event.

PWS will be accepting entries for the 2019 Online Members’ Show beginning January 17 through February 15, 2019.  All entries and entry fees must be received by the deadline of  midnight EST February 15, 2019.  Your 2019 dues must be paid to enter. Entries and awards will posted on the PWS website (www.pawcs.com) in March 2019

1.  Each PWS regular, signature or life member may submit one or two (2) digital images for inclusion in the show.  There is a $5 entry fee for each image entered

2. The digital entries must be in jpeg (jpg) format no larger than 3 mb or smaller than 1 mb.  Images larger or smaller than this will not be accepted.  Smaller images do not allow the Awards Juror to zoom in to see painting details.  Images over 3 mb are prone to create problems with our online entry forms . 

Label your digital images as follows;

Painting Title_By_ArtistFirstName_ArtistLastName_SizeHeigthXSizeWidth_TheLiteralWordPRICE_PriceOrNFS

All words must be separated by an underscore (Painting Size dimensions should be in inches)

(example; Mist_On_The_Mountain_by_George_Brown_22x30_Price_545  OR


3. Only original paintings created in the last 3 years that have never been accepted in any other PWS show are eligible.  Paintings entered into the members show are not eligible to be entered in the PWS Juried Show and vice versa.

4. Eligible artwork is restricted to water media on paper only.  Because of the nature of the show, collage, diptychs, and triptychs are excluded.  Should any question arise as to the authenticity of submitted works, the PWS Board will review each case individually and render a final decision.

5. There will be 15 Awards given:

·       1st      $500

·       2nd     $400

·       3rd      $300 

·       4th      $200

·       5th      $100

·       10 Honorable Mentions  $75 each


If you have questions, contact   pwsmembershow@gmail.com 

If someone expresses an interest in buying a painting displayed in the Members’ Online Show, PWS will contact the artist who will be given the prospective buyer’s contact information.  It will be up to the individual artist to pursue and finalize the prospective sale.  PWS will charge no commission if a sale is made.  If a sale is made, PWS must be notified so the painting can be marked as sold on the website. 



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