Our 39th Year
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Membership in the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society is open to all water media painters upon payment of the annual dues, with a term from January 1st to the last day of December each year.

Signature membership is limited to those Regular members whose paintings have been accepted and hung in two of the PWS’s Juried Exhibitions within an eight year time period provided the membership is continuous from the first acceptance through the second.  Signature membership entitles said members to put the initials “PWS” after their signature.  Signature status will be forfeited when dues are not current and paid in full. Signature members have all the rights and privileges of regular members

 The revised Bylaws that were approved at the Member’s Annual meeting on November 2, 2013, now offer 4 membership categories.

*Regular - $40.00 per year

*Life(Signature members only)-$500.00 one-time only Life membership is available to any Signature member that, as of January 1st of each membership year, has reached age 65 and has been a PWS member for the previous 5 years.

*Student - $20.00 per year. Student membership is open to all full-time high school students between the ages of 14-18 upon proof of full time student status. Student members have all the rights and privileges of a regular member except they must be eighteen years of age to vote or hold office and to enter regular PWS shows.

*Patron - $20.00 per year Patron membership is open to all friends and supporters of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society. Patron members have all the rights and privileges of a regular member except they cannot exhibit in PWS shows and do not receive member discounts.

Benefits of Regular and Life Membership Include:

  • receive the PWS newsletter, published three or four times a year
  • receive the juried exhibition catalog
  • enter the membership exhibition
  • receive reduced rate for entering the PWS juried exhibition
  • attend membership meetings
  • receive a reduced rate for the annual PWS workshop
  • have a link to your art website from our PWS website

Reduced Cost Patron and Student Members receive all of the above benefits except:

  • Student Members are not eligible to enter regular PWS shows, vote, or hold office until they are 18 years of age
  • Patron Members are not eligible to enter regular PWS shows or to receive membership benefit discounts

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