Our 39th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society


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Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

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In March of 1979 the association we know today as the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society was founded.   Initially named the Pennsylvania Society of Watercolor Painters, the name was changed to our present title in 1987.  Shortly thereafter the Society attained 501(c) (3) (non-profit) status.  As a non-profit society, our funds are strictly controlled.  By law, no officer or member can in any way profit from the society's business. 

 The founding artists sought to create an association that would support and advance the watercolor medium for artists while promoting the beauty and appeal of watercolor to the public.  To this end we still strive.  A juried exhibition with awards greater than $10,000 is held each year to showcase the best of watercolor painting from across the country and around the globe.  An annual member's only exhibition is also held. Both exhibitions are supported by yearly dues from our members.  We also hold at least one workshop each year (open to the public) taught by an international instructor.

The future of watercolor is very bright and we continue to do our part to promote it.  One of our latest endeavors is to provide children's classes in watercolor.

 All donations made to the society are used strictly for educational purposes.  No goods or services are ever provided to those who make donations.  Donations are tax deductible as far as the IRS allows.

Please be assured your donation will be hardily appreciated and will help us promote the beautiful world of watercolor!  Thank you!

 Click here to make an on-line donation to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society


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