Our 38th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society


PWS 2017 Juried Exhibition Accepted List

Accepted Letters will be mailed within a week.


Lee Albion - Bird Man

Joanna Barnum - Gaze

John Bayalis - Last Days of Summer

Janet Belich - Folds

Anna   Bellenger - Sidewalk Games #5 - Pick Up Sticks

Karen Benco - Angel's Nest

John Bierley - Layers

Matthew Bird - Alone at Monk's

Glenn Blue - Washes of the West

Thomas Bucci - Good Morning New Jersey

Linda Buechting - Pears and Oranges

Michael Buszko - Patience

Lana Cease - Lost and Found

Jansen Chow - Venice 2

Geraldine Clark - Working The Rails

Jacqueline Clark - A Little Sunshine

Steve Cole - Traveler Resting

Cheryl Coniglio - In A World of Her Own

Walt Costilow - Rooms to Rent

Virginia Crawford - My Heart

Elaine Daily-Birnbaum - Warning Signs

Sally Davies - Romance (Central Park Lake, NYC)

Barbara Durbin-  From My Perspective

Howard Eberle-  Winds of Freedom

Z. L. Feng-  Ford Guy

Kathyann Finch - After The Fall

Jack Garver - Tail End

Arlene Ginsburg - Tribeca

John Grinstead - Steamed Crabs

Beverly Hammerman - Dayneu

Sandi Hanlon-Breuer - Table Decorations

Ann Hart - (Who) Art in Heaven

John Hassler - Cruise

Sally Heston - Artist with a Pearl Earring

Suzanne Hetzel - The Map Will Get You Home

Ben Hughes - Jackie's Barn

Judith Hummer - Bryant Park

Ashish Irap - Ascetic

Marilyn Johansen - Making Wind

Ardythe  Jolliff - Sun Washed Sea Shells

Mark   Kaufman - Diane on Porch

Debra Kreiger - Labor of Love

Chris Krupinski - Pomegranates and Grapes on a Quilt

Theresa Kubert - Her Story

Angela Lacy - Amalfi

Carolyn Latanision - Blast Furnace Hot Valves

Alexis Lavine - Bite Sized

Ron Lent - Autumn on Princess Run Creek

Joanne Lippold-  U.S. Marine Reenactor

Fiona Lovelock - African Hoopoe Bird

Xiaoting Mai - The Sun Still Shines

Charlotte Mehosky - Turtle Patrol

Robert   Mesrop- A Walk in The Woods

Eric Miller - Orchard Beauties

Janet Milnazik - Italian Market

Chris Misencik-Bunn - Ponderance

Stephany Myers - The Optimistic Octogenarian

Patricia Neely - Bountiful Bittersweet

Eileen Mueller Neill - Bits and Bites

R. Mike Nichols - Watching TV

C.  Normart - Dockside

Elaine Nunnally - On the Interstate

Setsuko Ohara-  Billa in Turquoise

Catherine O’Neill - Good Company

Cynthia Hobaugh Orwan - Arresting

Marilyn LeMay Patterson - The A Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building in Disrepair

Carole Pickle - Untitled 2017 No 2

CoraMae Pipkin - Blue Storm

Pamela Price - Capturing the Moment

Roc Prologo - Activity at the Strip District

Eng  Pua - Angkor Wat

Vicki Renn - The Ladies of the Club

Richard Ressel - Stone Harbor Skies are Blue

April Rimpo - The Bakery

Kent Roberts - Panning In Crow Creek

Charles Rouse-  Little Italy Blossoms

George Schoonover - Cowgirls Only.com

Hong Shan - Happiness

Dena Shepherd - Dropped

Philip Siebert - Summer Seasons End at Huletts Landing

Sandra Smith - Powers Out

Radhika Srinivas - Grand Central

Carol Staub - The Climb

E. Jane Stoddard - Pals

Rose Marie Strippoli - From the Shadows

Eileen Sudzina - Rails thru West Newton

Jeannine Swartz-  Curly-Q

Tim Swartz - The Leatherman

Don Taylor - Through the Looking Glass

Susannah Thomer - Crossing Over

Ron Thurston - 609 Main

William Vrscak - Deer Crossing

Pat Wagner - Big John

Lois Ward-Wolford - The Portrait

Deb Watson - Tobacco Store

Pam Wenger- Sun God

Denise   Willing-Booher - Color Explosion

Donna   Winterling - Fragile Shores III

Kay K. Worz -Guarded Moment

Barbara Yoerg -Word On MY Mind


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