Our 39th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society


Iain Stewart Workshop

May 4-8, 2015

 May 4, Demonstration of a graded wash.  Adding water to the palette first then adding the paint.  Iain suggested adding more paint as you go down, going back in and adding a different color to existing wash. Demonstrated a variegated wash using different premixed colors.  Key words by Stewart:  Kiss line, place the highest contrast by your subject. A quarter sheet taped in four equal spaces we replicated his demo from the morning.

 May 5, Line drawings. Always go for the simple shapes, squares, rectangles, etc.  A quarter sheet was used to paint a Scottish hillside landscape.  For  me, the photo reference was too dark and I had trouble seeing what I was supposed to put onto the paper.  Others who were painting the same thing seemed to have no trouble because many paintings looked the way they should.

 May 6,  The vanishing point works on everything i.e.:  windows, doors, etc.  Variegated wash is where you set the stage for the rest of the painting.  This day the reference was a house beside water, and jetty.  In the distance was a lighthouse, the foreground water and rock retaining wall was also included.  The roof tops of other houses touched the main house.  This is where we drew the vanishing points and Iain walked around checking the work.

 May 7, The Street Scene drawing.  A very detailed drawing that had the vanishing point and many lines in the perspective pointing to the vanishing point.  Iain said “everything is on the spokes of the wheel”.

Drawing people and keeping the heads on the same plane.  The heads go through the horizon line.

Demonstrated drawing the ¾ positioned car, the straight on car, and looking down on the car.  We repeated the drawings on our own sketch pads. 

 A demonstration of the 4 point perspective was shown, then a 2 point perspective with vanishing point.  We practiced drawing perspective.  Iain drew the New York street scene in his demonstration.  The class then drew the same scene as they interpreted it from the photo reference.

 May 8, Applying paint to the Street scene drawing.  The morning was spent entirely on Iain painting his demo.  Demonstrated putting the wash all over the painting from the top to the bottom, leaving out the white places where the sunlight was hitting. He said he doesn’t use mask but puts a small “x” where he wants to keep things white  keeping in mind to SAVE THE WHITES.  Starting with clear water at the top and adding color as you go down the page. Always touching the bead of water/color mix with your next loaded brush of color.  Always remember the transition colors (Blue, then red then raw sienna) so you don’t end up with a green sky.



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