Our 39th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society


Karlyn Holman Workshop

June 16 thru June 20, 2014

 Synopsis:  a week in review, by Linda Young

 Linda Young, the workshop coordinator , introduced and welcomed Karlyn Holman to the group of 17 artists from Canada and Pennsylvania. Karlyn opened up the workshop with a demonstration of an abstract painting using gauze, stencils and color sanding.  She gave a printed handout of abstract shapes that could be used in our own painting that morning.

Using alcohol inks on yupo paper was the highlight for Monday for us because we just got to “play” with this particular paint that dries very quickly.  On Yupo paper, the inks intermingled all on their own.  The station to do this technique was set up all week and students tried it out many times.

Lunch was served with an abundance of food which we snacked on throughout the afternoon.  Each day, a wonderful luncheon was delivered to the workshop by the Weis Market Deli.  Every morning Linda made coffee and picked up snacks and breakfast finger foods at Weis also. The food was a welcoming treat as artists arrived for the day’s workshop.

Every day, there was a demonstration ranging from using pieces of colorful napkins with prints or shapes and hand painted tissue paper; collages were made from these items.  In another demo she introduced gold gesso, metallic sprays over stencils and demonstrated their use on the painting of onions.  The class was instructed to do the same on theirs and we all had so much fun spraying over their work seeing the resulting “layered” look.

She demonstrated how to create a path of light in a forest of trees and drew with a black watercolor pencil, wetting the drawing lightly to melt the pencil, she painted a representational abstract of sunflowers with a path of light in it also.

Thursday evening 22 artists and guests had a very nice meal at the Warwick hotel and presented Karlyn with an autographed apron with personalized inscriptions by each artist.  The apron was designed by Ginny Walker.

 Friday’s final lessons were about painting a seascape alla prima which was a lot of fun to do as many of us had never painted that style before.  After lunch, many artists left for their homes; but a few lingered to paint just a little longer and try to complete paintings that had been started that week.  What wonderful techniques she had taught us this week; many of which I’m sure will be seen in future paintings. 

Throughout the week, Karlyn provided one on one help to everyone and I don’t think anyone was ever left out from her personalized attention to their paintings.  She offered constructive critique to anyone who wanted it.  She provided levity in her teaching style and a sense of humor that, even when the joke was on her, she had to laugh too.

If there was one thing she wanted to instill in us it was this:  If you are painting and something just doesn’t go right—“just get over it!”  This is something I’m going to tell myself because the next mistake just could very well be the happy accident and winner you’ve been hoping would come to you.

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