Our 39th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society


2013 Workshop - Pat Dews

Day 1 - The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s Pat Dews workshop opened at 9:00 am this morning in Hummelstown, PA.   Even though the skies were cloudy, the lights shone brightly in the Fire Hall as the 24 participants moved in lock, stock, and barrel for the workshop.  After coffee and breakfast muffins, Ron Schloyer, Workshop Coordinator, welcomed the participants and introduced our instructor, Pat Dews.  Pat began the morning with a short discussion on design and composition followed by a painting demonstration to illustrate the morning’s first lesson.  Then, total concentration, as we all dove into the activity with a full sheet of paper to begin our first masterpiece of the week.  Before we knew it, lunch time arrived, with a beautiful selection of delicatessen items from the nearby Weiss Market, all part of the PWS workshop experience.  After lunch, Pat Dews again treated us to another painting demonstration to illustrate our afternoon lesson.  We were then turned loose with watercolor and acrylic paints, and different inks and another full sheet of paper to create our second painting start.  Using a variety of techniques and materials to create color and texture, we turned out some amazing pieces that may just be that next masterpiece.  Excited but tired, our work shoppers called it a day about 4:30 pm, and looked forward to tomorrow

Day 2 - Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s Pat Dews workshop day 2 started out bright and sunny with most of the workshop participants arriving early.  After morning snacks, delicious miniatures from Weiss Market’s bakery, and coffee, Pat began the morning exercise which could have been titled “Salvaging a Failed Painting”.  Pat demonstrated how one could take a failed painting and, with thoughtful design and composition, produce a new or much improved painting.  Various techniques for producing textures and other design components were illustrated as the class carefully watched.   Pat then individually reviewed our failed paintings and offered suggestions for their salvation!  We began and before much had been accomplished, lunch rolled around.  Today was pizza, four different kinds, with a great Italian salad.

Most of the afternoon was spent reviving our paintings.  Pat moved around the class and continued to give suggestions.  Individual critiques brought the day to a close

Day 3 - Wednesday, and the week is already half over.  Most workshop participants were here early, either having bagels or getting some work done on paintings started the day before.  The first part of the morning was devoted to a digital slide show of Pat’s paintings illustrating many of the points and techniques covered in days one and two.  Then we all listened intently as Pat demonstrated reserving white space using a basic cruciform design.  Then it was our turn as we were turned loose to attempt to apply the knowledge we had just learned.  We carefully tore pieces of paper into large, medium, and small shapes to use in creating our cruciform design.  Pat gave suggestions to us as we proceeded.  We got so deeply into it that we had to be reminded that it was time for lunch.  Another delicious treat from Weiss Markets, a hoagie ring  and salad!  The afternoon found us painting away as we tried to paint the backgrounds for our white space designs.  Pat continued to do some individual critiques as the rest of us painted away.  At the end of the day we were given instructions as to how to handle the reserved white spaces we had just created.  Thursday is going to be fun!`

Day 4 - Workshop day 4 was paint, paint, paint with more demonstrations of techniques by Pat.  An increasing amount of time was spent with individual critiques as each participant tried to finish up started paintings.  Lunch came way too quickly, but everyone was hungry today.  The menu was three different kinds of delicious soup from Weiss Markets which didn’t last long.  When 4:30 pm rolled around everyone was gearing up for the class dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn just down the street from the fire hall.  Most of us arrived a little early and rested in the lounge until the dinner at 5:30 pm.  Prior to the dinner a special presentation was made to Pat from PWS president Walker, an embroidered apron, made by Membership Chairman Ginny Walker.  Each workshop participant will have the opportunity to sign the apron for Pat as a memento of her stay here at PWS.  Pat was extremely pleased with her gift

Day 5 - Friday, the last day of the workshop, opened with the beginnings of a beautiful day!  First thing on the agenda this morning was a group picture.  After only a couple false starts, we finally got a good photo.  President Walker will send a copy of the photo to each workshop attendee.  On each table this morning, workshop participants found a listing of all participants and email addresses plus an optional workshop evaluation form.  An announcement was made for the two workshops for 2014, Karlyn Holman (June 16-20, 2014) and Sterling Edwards (October 20-24, 2014).  

Pat Dews started the morning off by demonstrating how she would finish several paintings she had previously started.  Various techniques were discussed and demonstrated.  When we were turned loose everyone scrambled off to their tables to try and finish several painting we had started during the week.  Pat continued the individual critiques until we broke for lunch.  Today the menu was three kinds of turkey sandwiches and three kinds of salad from Weiss Markets.  The individual critiques continued until three o’clock when everyone began to prepare for our trips home.  Tremendous thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped to clean up and put the fire hall back in great order.  It was a great week and I think we all made some new friends who hopefully will join us sometime in the future for another PWS workshop!  We hope everyone had a safe trip home!  See you all at the next PWS Workshop!


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