Our 39th Year
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

2012 Member’s Meeting - Raspberries At the Hilton, Harrisburg, PA
October 13, 2012

Guest Speaker Annie Strack


President Debi Watson addresses the group


The chef cuts the prime rib!

The PWS annual meeting was held on Saturday, October 13, 2012, at Raspberries at the Hilton in Harrisburg, PA.  A total of 31 members attended.  President Debi Watson opened the meeting at approximately 4:30 pm.  After a brief welcome, the floor was opened for nominations for officers for the coming year.  No additional nominations were forthcoming so a vote was taken for the following officers;

President – John W. Walker
First Vice-President – Joyce Durkin
Secretary – Fiel Patricio
Treasurer – Diane Delozier

The positive voice vote was unanimous.  The new officers were welcomed by the outgoing president.

A brief talk regarding artist marketing was given by member Annie Strack, after which door prizes were awarded to several lucky attendees.  Members then enjoyed a delicious buffet prepared by the Raspberries staff.  After dinner was a great opportunity to meet and enjoy the evening with other PWS members. Most agreed that a great time was had by all!


The dessert line!!


Enjoying the Meal

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Door Prize Drawings


In the Buffet Line


What to choose?